Harmonica Lessons

I am a professional musician with over 25 years experience as a singer/ Blues Harmonica player.I have played throughout the UK, Europe and have a great knowledge of Blues styles and techniques, covering the old and modern styles of blues harmonica.

Teaching at blues events, Harmonica festivals,Universities and school's has given me an understanding and has revealed to me the various techniques and ways of recognising each persons approach to the instrument, allowing a natural and much easier learning process.

Each individual has a goal, something to strive for, that's the target and that's the basis of the lessons, to put together a plan and to work towards a goal, structured to each individual, followed by a well structured programme of Techniques, styles and equipment required.

Learn all Blues styles (Chicago,West coast,Country) or Folk,Country,Rock Harp. 

Email for more information: johnnyhewitt@live.co.uk